Selecting Casaba as your Cloud and application security partner will bring you confidence that your security controls have been thoroughly vetted and your application weaknesses and vulnerabilities have been revealed. Our unparalleled understanding of Cloud, network, and software security, honed over years of advanced testing for some of the world's most advanced engineering teams, guarantees that your product is tested to the highest standard, providing you peace of mind for a secure public release. We give you confidence that your platform and application attack surface have been thoroughly understood. We validate that your security controls are working as expected. We identify weaknesses and meaningful vulnerabilities from the obvious to the esoteric, while considering exploitability and impact to give you a clear and reliable picture of risk.

Cloud and application focused pen testing finds vulnerabilities and bugs through a combination of dynamic testing, code review, design review, and infrastructure review.

Cloud and Application Security Testing

Casaba’s cloud and application penetration testing will give you confidence in the security of your products and platforms. Our team conducts a deep and thorough test of your security controls to make sure they are working as expected and can withstand the most sophisticated threats in the wild. This robust testing exposes configuration problems, hardware/software issues, and operational weaknesses that hackers can use against you. We use a careful and refined approach – including white box, black box, and gray box testing – to confirm meaningful weaknesses or vulnerabilities that must be addressed. You can rest assured, knowing that your products and services are as secure – and your risk as low – as they can be. Learn more about Casaba’s advanced penetration testing services.

Wherever your code is hosted, we've been there, and have the tools and experience to analyze and audit your deployment configurations in code and in their final runtime state. Cloud infrastructure security is foundational to your service and product, we will help you know where your security stands.

Our Approach

Dynamic Testing

Whether white box or black box, we look for meaningful bugs that matter. During Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), we identify 'hotspots' to drill into in the runtime, either proving out a potential vulnerability or validating critical security controls like authentication and authorization are effective.

Source Code Analysis

Through a combination of our custom tooling and manual process, we can sift through millions of lines of code, identifying logic flaws and vulnerable code, while validating all findings and removing false positives to deliver you only the issues you care about.

Infrastructure Auditing

We've been responsible for auditing Azure, AWS, kubernetes, on-prem and other environments from small to massive, to identify unintended exposures, alignment with industry best practices, and configuration vulnerabilities. We have the tools and the expertise to take on a job of any size, and give you results prioritized by level of severity from critical to defense-in-depth.

Developer Deep Dives

Scheduling deep dive meetings with your engineering team is a potent informer to our testing process. We just need an hour or two for you to educate us on the architecture and walk us through an authentication flow in code. Often times, serious design-level issues are identified during these meetings, and the knowledge-transfer between our team and yours has a lasting impact.

What to Expect with Casaba's Cybersecurity Testing Process:

1. Initial Scoping

Assess the attack surface and define key security objectives to meet your specific needs. We present a detailed proposal with fixed pricing.

2. Kickoff

We work with you to develop a test plan along with top priorities for testing. We use this time to deep dive with you into the architecture, features, and code to ensure a knowledgeable engagement.

3. Execution

We carry out comprehensive, in-depth testing of your product, combining targeted code analysis with runtime testing, as well as informed infrastructure analysis.

4. Reporting

We deliver detailed findings for each vulnerability, along with repro steps and recommended mitigations. Our report includes a highlight of any strengths we noted as well as thematic or systemic issues. We can schedule a readout to present our findings to all stakeholders.

"Casaba has played an integral role in securing the technologies that power our daily lives - from the mobile devices we carry, to the essential desktop software and cloud services we rely on every day, all the way to the mission-critical systems that are the backbone of our daily lives."

Decades of Experience

Trusted by the world’s largest enterprises, we are known for our high quality results and testing methods. We have decades of experience in ensuring the security of major software products, platforms and complex systems. Our dedicated team of penetration testers provides the highest level of security assurance and guidance for organizations to protect against the latest attacks and threats. We are flexible enough to work through the early stages of a v1 product, or join in the later stage development of a more mature product. Casaba is not a scanner company. Unlike “scanner companies,” that rely on Nessus, Nmap, Burp and call it a day, our expertise is sought after for more involved and hands-on testing methods. Through our deep testing methods, we ensure the most comprehensive security assessment and protection.

Red Teaming

Our experience with infrastructure and application security naturally lends itself to red team operations. If desired, we can make a lot of noise or sneak in like ninjas. We can work as a known entity or “go dark” and run a covert operation. We can work in the role of internal or external threat. Whatever the case may be, we match our penetration testing to the individual needs of our customers. The ultimate goal is to test your “blue team” capabilities to see if attacks and movements can be detected – or at the very least investigated during a post-mortem.

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Internet of Things

We have also been recognized by Microsoft as a world-class leader in securing the IoT, because our service portfolio maps directly to IoT: security design, threat modeling, source code analysis, protocol analysis, and penetration testing. From one end of the IoT spectrum to the other, Casaba has the expertise to deliver the results you want. Whether your product is a single embedded device, a cloud fabric managing tens of thousands of devices or something in-between, Casaba has the expertise to help you understand your risk profile and attack surface, and to both identify and mitigate vulnerabilities. Let us use our skills to assist you in shipping a more secure product.

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Black Box, White Box, or Gray Box?

Some security companies advise the use of “black box” testing – or "zero-knowledge" testing – where penetration testers work from the outside in, with little or no knowledge of the application to be tested. Others insist that a “white box” approach is more effective, where testers understand the application’s design and work directly with the source code. We believe that both of these methods have their merits, but that neither alone is right for every job. We take a “gray box” approach to penetration testing by default, weighing the specific needs of a particular client and the application to be tested against the benefits of the different testing methods. Ultimately, our test programs include the best elements of both.

Tools or Manual Testing?

Because security testing can sometimes require sending hundreds or thousands of requests to an application, many security specialists rely on automated tools to do the job. Some of these tools are very effective, but no single tool is a standalone solution. At Casaba, we use tools to augment our manual testing process, allowing us to cover more of an application’s surface while we focus our attention on the areas that need more surgical and manual testing. We have our own advanced toolset we use across jobs and we also often create custom tools such as fuzzer or test harness to meet specific project needs and deliver these to our clients for their ongoing use.

Reverse Engineering

Sometimes an application’s security depends upon how difficult it is for hackers to figure out how it works or how it protects secrets. We can review and test the measures you use to prevent reverse engineering, such as cryptographic protections, control- flow obfuscation, and anti-debugging. We can help ensure any hardening efforts you employ do indeed protect your intellectual property and functionality.

Results and Deliverables

Just because the testing is over, that doesn’t mean the job is done. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with in-depth, actionable reports that catalog your product's strengths and weaknesses, documenting key strenghts we noted, bugs and meaningful vulnerabilities, and recommending key improvement measures. We also deliver any custom tools and test cases that were developed for testing. Finally, we debrief your management and development teams in person or remotely if desired.

Trusted for over 20 years

Our reputation speaks for itself, delivering expertise and quality known throughout the industry, we are the team to call when you want the confidence that your project will be done right.