Trusted for over two decades by the world’s leading organizations, Casaba delivers state-of-the-art Red Teaming and Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) to harden and safeguard companies, products, and services against the most advanced cyber threats. Casaba has tested the most sophisticated products in the world, from leading cloud platforms to globally recognized mobile apps and complex critical infrastructure systems.

Casaba isn’t a scanner company. It’s the team companies hire to thoroughly vet security controls and mitigations, and find the vulnerabilities that matter well after all other design review, code review, and testing measures have been exhausted.

Black Box

> Simulates an outside attacker with zero knowledge

> Replicates real tools & techniques attackers will use

> Assess reselience against unauthorized access

> Identifies obvious security weaknesses & design flaws (low hanging fruit)

> Faster ramp up, less effective results

Gray Box

> Simulates an attacker with limited insider access or information

> Some access and knowledge of the code and architecture

> Finds vulnerabilities that outside attacks or automated tools may miss

> More focused than black box testing

> Provides a cost-benefit balance between black and white box testing

White Box

> Simulates an attacker with extensive knowledge

> Developer-level perspective: source code & design documents

> Can be highly targeted and effective at finding elusive and high-impact vulnerabilities

> Provides the most comprehensive assessment

> More expensive and time-consuming

Assess overall security posture

Casaba employs the full range of tactics in the hacker’s toolbox to determine if and how an attacker can break in and compromise a network or access specific assets such as trade secrets or source code.

Evaluate ability to detect an attack

Would anyone notice if someone tried to break in? If so, what would it take to set off the alarm? Companies call us to test the integrity of their detection, monitoring and incident response mechanisms. This is where Casaba’s ability to adopt different attack styles provides valuable insight into a client’s level of awareness and resilience in various situations.

Simulate a Breach or APT

Once an attacker has gained access on a network, s/he can stay there for weeks or months, possibly gathering assets or spying on the company and its people. By emulating this behavior, Casaba conducts the same type of stealthy activities to see whether a client can detect our presence and respond effectively. We can also apply this approach to run a counter-intelligence operation to find out who it is and what they’re up to.

The Casaba Process

We can make a lot of noise or sneak in like ninjas. We can work as a known entity or “go dark” and run a covert operation. We can work in the role of internal or external threat. Whatever the case may be, we match our penetration testing to the individual needs of our customers.

The ultimate goal is to test your “blue team” capabilities to see if attacks and movements can be detected – or at the very least investigated during a post-mortem.


We begin by gathering as much information as we can about the target application, network, and platform. We want to understand the threat landscape and the attack surface, and the true impact of a compromise.

Infrastructure Testing

We run a variety of scanners to identify potential configuration issues in the supporting network and platform infrastructure. We may exploit weaknesses to gain a foothold for deeper penetration.

Application Testing

We analyze applications for vulnerabilities and exposures that can be leveraged for deeper system access or compromise.


We provide a custom written report documenting our methods and findings along with our recommendations. If desired we can be available for followup remediation testing.

Trusted for over 20 years

Our reputation speaks for itself, delivering expertise and quality known throughout the industry, we are the team to call when you want the confidence that your project will be done right.